L'Union Fait LaForce

Changing Haiti one city at a time

Giving Hope to the Hopeless

A typical Haitian parent spends about 14 hours a day working various low paying jobs to try to provide a better life for their children.  Unfortunately, providing a better life is still a dream that remains unreachable for a great majority of the population.  With opportunities still lacking for most, many families have turned to education as the only possible route to a better life.  However, even the most educated have difficulty to find opportunities to improve their lives.

 The ultimate goal of the Theork family is to support a complete overhaul of the educational system in Haiti.  Most educational institutions in Haiti are dated and fail to properly educate students.  For examples, we truly believe on an education system (specially primary education) that include social studies, sciences, finance, math, history (both national and world history), to name a few.  It is our strong believe that the current educational system in Haiti fails the nation.  Most importantly, our educational system fails to raise and nurture young leaders to lead the nation at all levels.  However, it will take years before we can make such dream a reality.  In the meantime, we have started L'Union Fait LaForce since 2000 to help struggling families throughout Haiti to at least have access to the limited opportunities our educational system currently offers.  

Byssainthe-Loubens Theork, the founder and President of L'Union Fait LaForce, has been leading the organization since its founding in 2000. This website will provide information about L'Union Fait LaForce and other charitable program/projects managed by the Theork family.